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  • Some facts about Bimatprost

    The active substance is a generic solution that works effectively either alone or in combination with other medications. By resolving certain types of Glaucoma and also by resolving other types of high pressure in the eyes, the medicine is beneficial for an adult use.

    How to take the solution

    One needs to clean the face first before using the eye solution. One needs to remove contact lenses before and an individual needs to apply an appropriate amount on the base of the eyelids. Do not reuse brush or applicator to apply the solution. An additional application does not help enhance eyelashes.

    Cautions before using the solution

    Other prescription medicines might interact with ophthalmic solution and it is better to notify doctor before using the solution. A person allergic to the active substance needs to prevent its use. One needs to remove contact lenses before using the eye solution. One should not take the medicine if pregnant or breastfeeding. An individual needs to seek proper medical attention before using the solution.

    Some side effects

    Eyelid redness, burning or discomfort, headache, dizziness, watery eyes are some of the health effects of the medicine. These effects occur due to an over use of the solution. Some side effects are specific to the cosmetic formulation as it also works to improve eyelash.

  • Some facts about Bimatprost 0.03%

    To help resolve the problem of increased pressure in the eyes, the active substance of the medicine works best in the reduction of intraocular pressure. Useful for open eye glaucoma, the medicine works either alone or in combination. Regular use can help reduce eye pressure by releasing fluid from the eyes. With full effects, it also works to promote eye lashes growth.

    How to take the medicine

    The dose and dosage of the eye solution is prescribed by the doctor. Wash hands before use of the eye solution. By removing lenses from eyes, one needs to use an appropriate amount of solution amount. Wipe off the extra liquid. One can put back lenses after 15min of solution use. It is for external use only.

    Who should not take the medicine?

    An individual who is sensitive or allergic to the active component needs to avoid use of solution. The eye drop is probably safe but requires proper medical attention before its use. It might represent significant risk factors if a person is suffering from life threatening health issues. One needs to avoid use of machinery work when on medication.

    Cautions before taking the medicine

    Avoid use of overdose or double dose of the eye solution. It might affect the health of an individual. One needs to seek medical attention if health effects persist. The medicine should be avoided from pregnant or breastfeeding woman.

    Some side effects of the medicine

    Itching, cough, redness, watery eyes, eye lash growth are some of the health effects of the solution. If these health effects persist, one needs to avoid use of eye solution.

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